The California of Europe

Among all the regions of France, French Basque Country is beyond doubt the one which provides the most of wonders to discover: whether you like the nature, the sport, the food or the culture, the region gathers everything at the same time. So do not hesitate anymore and come to discover the European California!

An extraordinary cultural and natural wealth

French Basque Country is above all breathtaking sceneries: lost between land and sea, between green hills and rocky cliffs, impossible to not be knocked for six in front of such a beauty! And the culture is not outdone: ultimate region of traditions, you will be able to attend to the famous ferias right in the town center, but also to Basque pelota, golf and surfing competitions. You will also be able to take great delight in tasting some of the numerous local culinary specialties. You have everything you gain to visit the most beautiful region of France.

Biarritz, emblematic capital of French Basque Country

Biarritz is without the slightest hesitation one of the most beautiful cities of the region: favorite place of the imperator Napoleon and his wife Eugenie, who did of Biarritz their capital, the city is worldwide famous to host a lot of wealth. Starting with surfing: indeed the city if one of the hotspots for surfing. By the way the biggest festivals and tournaments take place in Biarritz, drawing a large number of people and the professionals of the discipline as well. That is why the French Basque Country deserves the nickname of European California. You could also take advantage of the opportunity to discover the Basque pelota, the emblematic sport of the region. Then you will be able to taste some delicious tapas in a seafront restaurant, and finish your tour by a digestive walk along the path which leads to the “Rocher de la vierge”, from where you will admire a breathtaking landscape. Do not miss our to-do list of biarritz things to do.

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