Escape to the deep blue waters of Thailand

A vacation in Thailand, who would not dream of it? In addition to being a beautiful tourist destination, Thailand has the most incredible corners of Asia. In all the Thai coasts, there are many diving spots in these magnificent waters. There are some beautiful places that attract tourists and holidaymakers in this part of the continent with diving professionals in each place, usually diving clubs that personally take care of those who want to try sport.

Why prefering Thailand?

Everyone has his own reason that brings him to one place more than another. Thailand has long been a destination that tourists admire particularly because of the opening of this country. It has become a very touristic place and hosts every year thousands of visitors. Having a beautiful environment and an incredibly splendid maritime setting, it is indeed impossible to resist. Thailand is one of the top 10 holiday destinations and it is difficult to dethrone because of the many activities you can do there. Scuba diving is one of these activities and attracts especially water sports enthusiasts but also beginners. Specialists in diving will take charge of the getaway at the bottom of the sea and it is even possible to practice it for amateurs with the support of these clubs in the snorkeling.

Scuba diving sites in Thailand

As a very attractive maritime destination, Thailand has wide coastlines of over 2500km and a few islets in the middle of the sea. There is, among others, the Koh Tao site with the Chump on Pinnade on the west coast See whale sharks. Then there is the richelieu rock Thailand, very famous for welcoming experienced divers. Otherwise there is also the national park of Ang Thong which is accessible by boat. It is an archipelago preserved with about forty magnificent islands. In any case, for a dream holiday full of discoveries, Thailand opens its doors.

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