The best yacht rental Croatia online

When we are talking about renting a yacht, it is not immune to the beauty of our stay, even if it's just for an overnight stay friends because a yacht still feels the scent of comfort, VIP and all the labels that come with it.

Rental agencies for the yacht in Croatia

According to Statistics GlobeSailor, there is little to almost 15,000 rental boats in Croatia. Most of them are managed by a start-up agency. It has over 1000 yachts for rent on the bases of the agencies. People close to the feel of the boat trip. Of the 800 rivers that bases in Croatia, 25% of them are platforms for boat rentals between individuals. And 8% opt for renting Yacht, 2% of them accept a skipper service, the rest is a family who has a family to take themselves all the control of the boat as father to be the skipper and Mom cooks. But the rental of yacht rental croatia exceeds any one week, because now people like to spend more time on a disoriented place.

A guided cruise plan in Croatia

The best time to travel to Croatia is in August and September, for the summer, there's too hot and dry, and yet sometimes the rain of June is very severe. In the same rent or agencies under contract between individuals, the yacht is rented with a skipper and crew on board. The cheapest motor yachts for rent is 30 000 per week with comfort on board and the various water activities at each island. The trip will consist of 5 courses on the Adriatic Sea. A family of 5 will be wonderfully in this yacht with 4 cabins including a cabin for the captain and another for his crew.

The best boat rental for this trip at sea Croatia is the Catamaran, or if you really are a fan of yachts, this will be the sailing yacht.

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