Travel to asia and discover their love for insects

Eating insects disgusts you? Grilled, fried or cooked, they can be delicious. In the traditional cultures of certain parts of Africa, and especially in Asia, the consumption of insects, which bears the learned name of entomophagy, is, moreover, a widespread practice and one they adore. Looking for a new food experience? Test the insects! You do not suspect it like that, but these animals are armored qualities. Moreover, 80% of humans consume regularly. Visit the site jiminis to feel like Asia with a wide variety of Asian insects this site is the best for you.

Feel like in Asia

This shopoffers a wide range of edible insects with varied tastes from entomophagic farms. In Asia, eating insects is a way of life and edible insects are considered a delicacy. Discover special flavors including grasshoppers, crickets, silkworms, bamboo worms, sago worms, weaver ants, beetles and yellow scorpions. Insects are scalded and then dehydrated. They are seasoned with salty taste or lemongrass taste and kaffir leaves. They are in the form of a bag containing an oxygen absorber and a moisture absorber provided for optimal preservation. Without adding dyes or preservatives. At your pleasure.

Asian people love insects

The continent of Asia is the continent on which entomophagy is the most practiced. In Southeast Asia, for example, the giant water bug is very popular. It is used to make a sauce, after being mashed, and to be eaten with vegetables and rice as a side dish. Another popular dish in Asia is the silkworm chrysalis, which is eaten in China and Japan, or tasted in omelette, with onions and sauce, in other parts of China. In the south-west of the country, some people regularly eat a particular species of ants, which would give them longevity, according to some Chinese scientists, and would even fight against some rheumatism, or other immune disorders.

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