Discover the amazing activities of the Similan Islands

Similan Islands are small lands on the Thailand coast. They are very appreciated by tourists because they are far away but are still accessible. This destination represents the paradise for some, because they are paradise islands with a beautiful and rich environment. These lands are ideal for ecotourism or discovery tourism.

A good trip to celestial islands

For a holiday, these islands are very good places. They are nicknamed the blue diamonds of the Andaman Sea. This is actually the perfect setting for spending the holidays and why not for honeymoons. With the striking landscape, it is impossible to resist the beauty of this nature that streams the coasts and all the islands. But apart from the discovery of the terrestrial environment of these places, it is also feasible to make discoveries of the coasts. It is possible to enjoy these sublime beaches, alone, with friends and family or as a lover. The seaside is very wide covered with fine sand bordered by a crystalline water. On the main island of Similan Island it is possible to eat in beautiful restaurants, and it is even feasible to spend a few nights on the mainland in exotic and very classy bungalows as well as inside tents for large Adventures.

Activities on the islands

As a holiday destination, there are several feasible activities on these coasts in the main ones are the boat trip and the similan diving. It is certain that people who come to places where there is only the sea, expect to do activities related to water. Also, going off on a small ship is a good way to de-stress and enjoy plenty of fresh, pure air as well as sunshine. And for those who want to taste the Andaman Sea, a small swim is possible, or even a dive in the depths. There are several diving centers on the spot that guide tourists through the seas and islands.

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