Luxury holidays in Croatia

For a luxury yacht rental, Croatia is an exceptional holiday destination. This country is a flagship destination of yachting. In addition, he associates the Slavic with the Mediterranean spirit. However, it is essential to choose yacht rental croatia in order to enjoy your luxury vacation.

Why explore Croatia?

Croatia is an ideal destination for strolling through the alleys, visiting museums and restaurants. It includes many charming marinas. Still, renting a boat is necessary to discover them. Indeed, you can rent motor yachts, sailboats, mega-yachts or luxury yachts. This allows you to discover the Croatian islands of Dalmatia. These places offer varied landscapes, embellished with a very colorful architecture and an unshakeable cultural wealth. Split is one of the most famous cities of Croatia. It is a great historic city. It is possible to discover by boat all the neighboring islands. You can also have a party and live a nightlife without filter with the rental of a boat. Then Croatia also offers you the Kornati National Park. This place has an amazing flora and fauna. In addition, there are 86 islands that you can explore. In the same way, it is very interesting to admire the ramparts and the old port of the city of Dubrovnik.

What you need to do to rent a boat?

Yacht Charter Croatia offers a lot of models of yachts. There is a wide range of yachts for rent. You can choose small sailboats or small motor boats without crew. There are some areas where you have to go when you want to rent a boat to sail and discover the Croatian islands. You can go to Dubrovnik, Baška, Voda, Hvar, División, Šibenik, Zadar, Kvarner Bay and Istria. These places offer cultural opportunities, party venues, beach resorts, water sports and a variety of attractions. You can go swimming, snorkelling or hiking. Finally, the quality of Croatian gastronomy is linked to climate diversity. To prepare for a boat trip, summer is the best season to sail.

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